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3 Valentine’s Dinners

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3 Valentine’s Dinners

Whether you prefer to go-all-out-with-a-romantic-meal-at-home, or avoid Valentine’s Day all together (or maybe celebrate with a Valentine’s Day with your closest friends) a dinner still needs to be made. It’s up to you to pick out the restaurant if you’re going out, but if you’re staying in, may we suggest these menus?

Showstopper Valentine’s Day Dinner

Light the candles, make your mise en place, and wow your date with one of the most romantic meals out there.

1. Appetizer: Beet Apple Soup

Make your lover’s heart race with a warm bright pink soup.

2. Entrée: Mushroom Bourguignon

Take a note from Julia Child and make a plant-based version of a French classic.

3. Pour: Homemade hot chocolate or red wine

Pick one of three different versions depending on what mood you’re in!

4. Dessert: Maca Chocolate Bark and Chocolate Truffles

Invigorate and energize after your meal with Vega Maca Chocolate.


Simple, Affordable Valentine’s Dinner

Rather than an overpriced meal at a restaurant, show your love with a homemade meal that is surprisingly affordable.

5. Appetizer or Side: Smashed Potatoes or Pistachio Lime Cauliflower

6. Entrée: Beer Braised Mushroom and Lentil Pie

Pull puff pastry out of your freezer to make the best topping for this savory pie.

7. Dessert: Chocolate Raspberry Dump Cake

Nothing kills the mood like a huge pile of dishes after your dinner. Skip a couple pans by just mixing, baking and then eating this Chocolate Raspberry Cake with a spoon and vegan vanilla ice cream.


Cocktail Party with your BFFs

There’s no need to feel ashamed that you’re single on Valentine’s Day. Gather around your closet friends and be each other dates at your fancy V-Day Cocktail Party. Make these small bites, and grab a couple bottles of red wine:

8. Antipasti Platter

9. Asian Stuffed Mushrooms

10. Fig and Cashew Cheese Canapés

10. Dessert Fruit Skewers

(or get out that old fondue pot and have your guests dip their own fruit!)

11. Spiced Chocolate Tart

What’s on your Valentine’s Day dinner table?


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