Welcome to Vegatopia – It’s a Little Different

By Vega on September 12, 2013 , categorized in Plant-based Nutrition

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Whether it’s through tweets or on the street, Vega employees often get asked: “what’s it like to work at Vega?” Our best short answer? It’s a little different.

Our culture at Vega is proudly unique, vibrant, engaged—but in a word, we call it Vegatopia. The attitude, passion, and perseverance of the Vegatopians we hire is the true secret behind our success. It’s what keeps us innovative in our dedication to bringing you the high quality plant-based natural health products our fans love. And what gets us named one of the Best Workplaces in Canada three years in a row.

From humble beginnings, Vegatopia has grown exponentially. Vega Founder and CEO Charles Chang answers exactly what it’s like to work here at Vega. Watch our new video to get a peek at life inside Vega. Apply today if you’re ready to embrace the different.

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