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On September 17, 2014 we hosted our first smoothie tweetup. We gathered a team of our best smoothie experts from across the web to help our Vega HQ smoothie recipe formulators, Bridgette L & Sarah S answer all your smoothie questions and help you through any smoothie quandaries. After seeing some of the amazing responses we received from our experts (we certainly picked up a few new tricks), we wanted to pass all this wisdom on  to you!

Take a look at some of the best responses to our smoothie questions below:

Best Smoothie Questions

What are your Top 3 go-to smoothie ingredients?

1_-_Blender_Girl 1-Angela 1-Emily 1-Nicole 1-Sarah 1-Snapshots

What can you add to your smoothie to make it sweeter?

2-christina 2-jen 2-melinda 2-tess

What can you do to your smoothie to make it thicker?

3-Mareya 3-whisk 3-heather

What is your fave fruit in a smoothie?

4-andrew 4-char4-heather 4-melissa

What liquids do you add to your smoothie to make a perfect blend?

5-nuria 5-Fettle 5-heather 5-laura

What’s your perfect ratio of vegetables to protein in a smoothie?

 7-moongazing 7-nicole 7-tess
What’s your perfect ratio of fruit to liquid in a smoothie?

9-laura 9-christina
How do you make a green smoothie that doesn’t taste like a green smoothie?

10-laura 10-nicole 10-ange 10-heather
What tips do you have for smoothies in the colder seasons?

12-tess 12-cheris 12-danielle
What tips do you have for smoothies to cool off in the summertime?

14-melissa 14-paleo 14-mark
How do you recreate your favorite dessert recipes as a smoothie?

15-sarah 15-lauren
How do you get Chocolate into a smoothie?

6-caitlin 6-danielle 6-melissa 6-snapshots

What smoothie do you make when you need a skin boost?

8-whisk 8-angela 8-laura 8-mareya
What is your best smoothie blend for post workout?

11-shael 11-nicole
What’s an example of a high-cal smoothie you’ve made low-cal?

13-heather 13-melissa
Which smoothie do you drink when you need energy?

16-emily 16-nicole 16-whisk

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