Vega Fuels Paramore’s Hayley Williams & Band on Tour

By Vega on October 17, 2013 , categorized in Inspiration

Last night, Paramore made their second stop of a 6 week tour to Vega’s hometown–Vancouver, BC.

Hayley, the lead singer of Paramore is a huge fan of all things Vega, sharing with us that her favorite product is Vega One in Vanilla Chai flavour. Her bandmates, guitarist Taylor York and bassist Jeremy Davis were also extremely excited to see the bags of Vega product waiting for them backstage. Taylor loves the Vega Sport Protein bars in Chocolate Coconut and the Vega Sport Energizer in Acai Berry. When asked to pick his favourite product, Jeremy chose to grab all the product and sling it over his shoulders–he likes it all.

Together, they shared with us that they live on Vega products while on tour. We’re talking the whole tour team–from roadie to managers. It all makes sense when you see firsthand how much energy Hayley and band exert on stage–these guys jump around through the entire show, making their adoring fans go nuts.

Our team went backstage before the show, took some photos with Hayley, Jeremy, and Taylor and had a quick chat about touring, keeping energized onstage, and recovering after each show. We are extremely grateful that they took time before the show to speak with us about how Vega has fueled their daily lives, especially while on tour.

Next up- they’re heading down the West Coast through California and beyond! For everything Paramore, check them here!

Paramore and Vega

Paramore and Vega 3

Paramore On Stage 1

Paramore On Stage 2

Paramore on Stage 3

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