Vegatopians’ Top 5 Favorite Running Apps

By Vega on April 28, 2015 , categorized in Endurance

Walk into any gym and you’re likely to see the glow of smartphone screens lined up against treadmills and elliptical. If you’re working out with your phone in tow, make sure it has apps that will help you be better. Here are the five fitness favorite apps of Vegatopia:

1. Nike+ Running 

What is it?

Whether you sport Nike apparel or not, the free Nike+ Running app is a favorite of runners at Vega HQ. You’ll get the standard time, distance, pace, calories burned, with a large social community as well. If you’re struggling to find motivation, and need a boost beyond Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer, you can sync your Nike+ Running app to your Facebook account before you start your run and hear your friends cheer you on via your headphones each time someone comments or likes your status.

Nike-Running-1 Nike-Running-2 Nike-Running-3

Why Vegatopians love it

Vega Educator Jenn Randazzao says, “I love Nike+ Running app! The Nike+ Running app tracks distance, pace, time and calories burned with GPS, and provides me with the stats that make me want to always go farther and faster!” Beyond just stats Product Specialist Sarah Skalzub loves the element of friendly competition.  “My friends and I try to outrun each other. Whoever runs the most miles per week gets major bragging rights.  It keeps me on my toes and gives me a little extra motivation in the morning.” Accounts Receivable Coordinator Krystle Charlton says, “After my first run with the Nike+ Running app I was hooked! I appreciate the activity page which has your run history. I love that because you can compare every run in one spot, see how many KM you’ve logged on a monthly basis and at what the average pace.”


 Free. Available for iOS and Android.

2. Strava

What is it?

Whether you normally track your runs or bike rides on an iPhone, Android or Garmin, Strava will log the workout and tell you how to rank in comparison to both your friends and faster strangers. Getting sick of your current route or traveling somewhere new? Strava has run and ride suggestions.

Strava-1  Strava-2  Strava-3

Why Vegatopians love it

Account Manager Brandon Priesont uses Suunto Ambit GPS watch and MovesCount app to track the miles he logs running and cycling, and then uploads the data to Strava compete with friends. “I like Strava mostly for its social media aspects. It’s fun to see what friends are up to, if they’re improving or reaching their goals, and what kind of crazy stuff they’re getting into. #stravaoritdidnthappen It’s also a great way to find new places to ride or run. Or to recap a new ride or run you’ve never done before. Or sometimes I get lost, but it ends up being a great time; I can use Strava to re-find that road or trail to revisit and bring friends. Strava is a great source of inspiration, since I follow people all over the world. It’s great to see dudes and gals in Australia, pounding out massive miles in the heat of summer, while it’s cold and rainy here. Sometimes for fun I’ll even compare myself against the Pros.  Though it’s a little sad to find yourself in 2309th place on a segment…”


Free for iOS and Android.

3. MapMyRun

What is it?

Whether you’re running, walking or cycling you can use MapMyRun to track your route or discover a new route. Don’t worry—you can also share it with friends and set reminders and challenges for yourself.

MapMyRun-1  MapMyRun-2 MapMyRun-3

Why Vegatopians love it

Vega Social Media Coordinator Morgan Dunn uses MapMyRun while training—whether for a half marathon PR, or an overnight Ragnar Relay. “What I enjoy about MapMyRun is the ability to log my food as well as my workouts. When it comes to training for upcoming races, I like to see how I’m fueling myself from one race to the next so if anything is funky on race day, or if I PR’d then I can see what the variables were and adjust accordingly! Also being able to plan a route and set goals within the app is always an added bonus.”


Free for iPhone or Android.

4. Nike Training Club

What is it?

Claiming to be the personal trainer you can take with you anywhere, Nike Training Club offers over 100 workouts designed by fitness professionals. They also feature the workouts of Pro and Olympic athletes. All you need is a set of dumbbells and sometimes a medicine ball.

NTC-2   NTC-1   NTC-3

Why Vegatopians love it

Content Specialist Elizabeth Jarrard uses Nike Training Club for cross-training.  “When I don’t have the time or energy to fit a run in, I do a 15 to 30 minute Nike Training Club Workout. I love that you can choose what type of workout (high intensity, heavy weights, or functional area specific), the time, and your fitness level. The workouts are challenging and never boring—plus you don’t need to keep a lot of equipment at home. Adios gym memberships!”


Free for iPhone and Android.

5. Hype Machine

What is it?

Ever wish you had your own person DJ or music blogger to tell you what the latest and greatest artists and songs in your favorite genres? Close out Pandora and open Hype Machine. While you can’t download any of the songs, you can preview the full songs and then opt to buy them on the Amazon or iTunes links provided.

HypeM-1   HypeM-2   HypeM-3

Why Vegatopians love it

Experiential Coordinator and performing artist, Katie Fagan calls “Hype Machine is my go-to for all new and remixed tracks in the underground and mainstream market. The app aggregates music from music blogs across the world, covering all genres. I follow new blogs every day and new tracks appear in my feed based on what music bloggers have been posting. Hype Machine allows you to discover new music without really having to look for it!  It’s freakin’ RAD!”


$3.99. Available for iPhone.  (If you have an Android, use UberHype).

What fitness apps do you use and recommend?



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