7 Places to Visit That Might Not Be Around in 50 Years

By Sarah Wilson, RHN on April 21, 2016 , categorized in Inspiration

Whoever said the world is small, is underestimating its extreme vastness and beauty. The nooks and crannies that add adventure and mystery to our lives are endless. With so much to explore and so many destinations to be seen, there’s no time like the present to fulfill your travel dreams. The UN has stated, if we don’t do something about climate change, there will be irreversible impact to our people and our ecosystems.3(2014, November 2). Climate change threatens irreversible and dangerous impacts, but options exist to limit its effects – UN and Climate Change. Retrieved April 06, 2016, from http://www.un.org/climatechange/blog/2014/11/climate-change-threatens-irreversible-dangerous-impacts-options-exist-limit-effects/ Sustainability is something that can (and should) be practiced in every home. If we’re not careful these bucket list destinations may not be around forever, so pack your bags and get ready to explore.


The Great Barrier Reef

great barrier reef

If you haven’t been to the land down under, I highly recommend it. And if you choose to make the trek, you must hit the water and check out The Great Barrier Reef. This is the largest coral reef in the world and houses many living sea creatures. With rising water temperatures and increase of pollution, if we’re not careful, this will not be a thriving underwater reef in the next 50 years4Marshall, P., & Schuttenberg, H. (2006). Reef Managers Guide to Coral Bleaching. Retrieved April 06, 2016, from http://www.gbrmpa.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0013/4450/Gbrmpa-ReefManagersGuidetoCoralBleaching.pdf




Hey, not everyone likes it hot. Snowy destinations are a great place to visit to open your eyes up to different landscapes, wild life and temperatures. Antarctica is taking your winter vacation and upping the ante. Ice formations, whales, and penguins will give you a once in a lifetime experience you’ll never forget. With an increase in temperature this wildlife habitat will be changing over the next 50 years.  Antarctica has warmed up by 3.2C in the last 60 years, this has caused ice shelves to collapse and land-ice reduction near the west coast of Antarctica.5Antarctica and climate change. (2015, May 18). Retrieved April 06, 2016, from https://www.bas.ac.uk/data/our-data/publication/antarctica-and-climate-change/




Glide down the beautiful canals of Venice and experience something only movies are made of. Eat some fresh gelato while checking out piazza San Marco. Take in a truly European experience. With the rise in sea levels, these canals may not be around forever. Make this the next stop on your travel list.  With rising sea levels and changing weather patterns6Cramer, W., & Holten, J. I. (n.d.). IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Retrieved April 06, 2016, from http://www.ipcc.ch/ipccreports/tar/wg2/index.php?idp=499, these canals may become flooded, causing this beautiful city to no longer become a traveling destination.


The Maldives

the maldives

Visit the white sands and the crystal clear blue waters of the Maldives. This tropical paradise will exceed even your wildest expectations and be your new favorite place. Sip on a coconut, snorkel the coral reef, or island hop around a few of the hundreds of islands that sprinkle the Indian Ocean. This will be a trip that you’ll never forget. Just don’t forget that as warming waters drive rising sea levels, about 20% of these islands have shown reduction in size.7Warne, K. (2015, February 13). Will Pacific Island Nations Disappear as Seas Rise? Maybe Not. Retrieved April 06, 2016, from http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2015/02/150213-tuvalu-sopoaga-kench-kiribati-maldives-cyclone-marshall-islands/


Glacier National Park

glacier national park

Hike, explore, see some lions and tigers and bears! Well, you won’t see lions or tigers, but you might see some cougars, dear and bears! Get out your camping gear and go back country camping for a totally isolated experience and truly unique experience in nature. One of the most awe inspiring attractions of this park are the massive glaciers, take one of many hiking trails for a view of a lifetime of glaciers that have been around for a lifetime! Time has shown, that with the increase of temperature and precipitation these glaciers are slowly disappearing.8Warne, K. (2015, February 13). Will Pacific Island Nations Disappear as Seas Rise? Maybe Not. Retrieved April 06, 2016, from http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2015/02/150213-tuvalu-sopoaga-kench-kiribati-maldives-cyclone-marshall-islands/


The Solomon Islands

soloman islands

Near Australia, the Solomon Islands have been on my bucket list for places I would love to travel to. The laid back culture, the small village vibe and he endless opportunities for an adventure are really what make this an awesome place to travel. You can hike up a volcano, kayak in a lagoon or surf uncharted territory, the sky is the limit for a true adventurer. Locals have noticed a rise in sea levels, decreasing the beaches and bringing water a little too close to home, which has me thinking that these islands may not be around in the next 50 years. Head to the Solomon Islands, support the community and have an adventure at the same time.


The Dead Sea

the dead sea

This salty sea is an attraction to many for its overabundant salinity.  You may see people floating in this buoyant water while covering themselves with the dark mud from the sea floor said to have minerals to nourish the skin. This salty water is evaporating, drying up the sea water, making this destination somewhere you probably won’t want to visit in the next 50 years.


There are so many amazing wonders of the world to visit in our lifetime. The key lesson I’ve learned is that more than ever we need to start caring for our planet and doing everything we can to preserve its beauty for many more generations to enjoy. What are some of the ways you take care of our planet? Need ideas? Check out my 10 ways to reduce your carbon footprint blog post.

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