Best Lifers: March 2016

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Best Lifers live life better every day than the one before. See how these seizers of opportunity, love, happiness and adventure, connected during March.

Girls and Mountains

“We are just three normal gals who met through our local mountaineering communities (Alpine Club of Canada and the British Columbia Mountaineering Club). We are all wildly enthusiastic about mountaineering and climbing. We planned our expedition to Aconcagua all of last year and were able to accomplish the climb (despite not summiting) successfully on January 18th of this year.

Best Life Project March

“We consider leadership, team-building and empowerment of young women through mountain climbing the most important value of our expedition. Ultimately, we hope that by sharing our process of planning, preparing and completing a high-altitude objective, we will inspire other young women and girls to pursue their own dreams despite the barriers they face.

“Since our completion of Aconcagua, we are holding Intro to Mountaineering trips for women through the ACC  and BCMC to inspire women to be self-propelled, have responsible mountain adventures and to follow their dreams!” Follow their adventures on Instagram @SolsyMolsy

Tackling Obstacles

Best Life Project March

Jacqulyn Loiola’s journey to better began over 2 years ago. “I was very overweight and miserable. I had tried and tried again to lose weight and I was becoming more discouraged than ever. I had been a vegetarian for 8 years when I decided that I wanted to go vegan. I started to really take the time to research what I was eating and making conscious decisions to maintain a healthy lifestyle .I decided that losing some weight wasn’t enough, I wanted to feel empowered and finally take charge of my life. That’s when I decided to do a Spartan race. In January I signed up for my first race and in April I was doing the Spartan 15 mile 35 obstacle beast. I completed it with difficulty and it took me 9 hours! But…I did it! I decided I wanted to complete a Spartan Trifecta(completing all three Spartan races in one calendar year) in 2015, and I completed my goal in September. I lost 75 pounds and became the most fit I had ever been in my life. My goal was not only to do this for me, but to be a role model and inspire people to believe that no matter what obstacles occur, there is always a way out and you can do whatever you set your mind to. It’s always mind over matter, it’s just about how bad you want something!”

Living Your Best Life On Your Own Terms

Best Life Project March

Emma Jane Allen defines her best life in her own way. “When I graduated from university in Toronto I moved to BC and landed myself an impressive job with a salary, although it looked great on paper and I seemed successful from a money and social status standpoint, I felt empty. After 2 years of working full-time I respectfully resigned and immediately helped my best friend start a fitness business, and shortly after started my own photography and design business. The idea of working on my own goals and dreams is immensely more satisfying than ticking off items from someone else’s list of goals and dreams (which is what the corporate world felt like to me). Now I spend my time harmonizing the needs and demands of daily life while satisfying my hunger for adventure and experiences. My driving force has never been to make money or be popular, it’s to feel confident and at ease with my choices and to go to bed every night with a full heart.” Follow Emma on Instagram @emmaallenpd        

Best Life Project March

Climb the Mountains of Life

Plant-Based Chef and Sports Nutrition Consultant Megan Marlow doesn’t feel like she always lived her best life. “I grew up overweight, addicted to food, and pretty sedentary. It wasn’t until a few years ago that my entire world changed. I began to find myself on a healthier path, no longer addicted to food, and instead addicted to adventure and becoming a better version of myself.

Best Life Project March

“For me, adventure, testing personal limits, pushing past barriers, and growing are the highlights of waking up in the morning. Climbing (especially with an aircast strapped to my leg) was the perfect metaphor for conquering life. Every day we are faced with challenges, obstacles, and mountains. It’s climbing those mountains and pushing past those obstacles and limitations that really expands our minds and grows us emotionally and physically into something so much greater than we were yesterday.” Follow Megan on Instagram @meganmarlow

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