No Gym? No Problem: 6 Workout Moves You Can Do Anywhere

By Vega on April 21, 2017 , categorized in Active Living, Put Yourself First

workout moves

Out of time and space but still trying to squeeze a workout in? You can do any of these six exercises around home (or the office!) to help fit fitness into your life. We had Vegatopians demonstrate how to fit some of their favorite quick exercises in around Vega HQ. Get ready to say, “No Gym? No Problem!” once you start adding these to your day:

1. Office Chair Pikes

If you have a rolling chair in your office, stabilize your core and pump out some pikes off of it for a break between spreadsheets or meetings. Vega’s Chief Financial Officer, Derek Chan, demonstrates proper form for this work break.

2. Office Chair Ab Rollout

Keep your core working by following Vega Education Manager Andrew(Coach) Raines’ guidance on how to use an office chair for a new ab exercise.

3. Planks

No sagging backs here! Mimic Vega Office Manager Lorelle Bremner’s perfect form.

4. High Five Pushups

Convince your coworker, partner, or child to join you in partner pushups. The added balance while you high five will help you to engage your core, as Lorelle and Creative Designer Max Diehl show.

5. Door Frame Rows

It’s not just your core that is easy to work in a small space. While pushups are a go-to, engage your arms AND back by rowing off of a door, as Coach Raines demonstrates.

6. Squats

Squat O’Clock happens every Monday at Vega HQ, because squats are a great way to break up a day of sitting. Follow along with us at 2PM in your office or home next week, as Vega’s Strategic Inside Sales Rep JT shows proper form.

*Consult your health care provider before starting any exercise regimen.

What workout moves do you do in small spaces?


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