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    What's Holding You Back From Better? - Brendan Brazier

    June 24th, 2014
  • Christina-Story-Telling

    #FuelYourBetter - Fueling Christina's Better

    June 24th, 2014
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    Vega Sport - The Complete System

    October 21st, 2013
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    We Are All Athletes: Vega Sport

    October 21st, 2013
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    Vega Sport - Endurance Bars & Gels - Video

    October 3rd, 2013
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What’s Holding You Back From Better? – Brendan Brazier

Better doesn’t see the wall. Only the finish line. Better is different for everyone—amateur or pro, there’s always room to...


#FuelYourBetter – Fueling Christina’s Better

During an interview for Vega’s FuelYourBetter.com Sport nutrition and training platform, marathon runner and blogger Christina Menssen (The Athletarian) confessed...


Vega Sport – The Complete System

Whether this is your first run, your 100th, or your 1000th, you are an athlete. Whether you view that hilly...


We Are All Athletes: Vega Sport

The first, complete, all natural, plant-based sport performance system.


Vega Sport – Endurance Bars & Gels – Video

Plant-based and all natural, Vega Sport Endurance Gel and Vega Sport Endurance Bar are formulated to provide instant and sustained...


Vega Sport – Electrolyte Hydrator – Video

A natural, alkaline-forming drink mix, free from sugar and artificial sweeteners, Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator is formulated with all essential...


Vega Sport Performance Protein – Video

A complete multi-source, alkaline-forming, plant-based protein blend, featuring 5,000mg of BCAA and 5,000mg of glutamine per serving, Vega Sport Performance...


Vega Sport Protein Bars – Video

Vega Sport Protein Bars are a delicious, post-workout bar, packed with 15 grams of complete, plant-based protein, Vega Sport Protein...


Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer Video

Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer contains ten synergistic ingredients help you focus and boost energy so you can power through your...


Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator – Video

Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator is the first all-natural, plant-based recovery drink mix specifically developed to address all six key elements...


Pre-Workout Energizer Video

Vega Sport Pre-workout Energizer is a pre-workout drink mix sporting a unique blend of 12 synergistic plant-based performance-improving ingredients to...

Peggy K with Frozen Vegan Chocolate Fudge Pop

Frozen Chocolate Fudge Pop

Looking for a delicious and nutritious way to keep cool this summer? Peggy K. shares her recipe for frozen chocolate...


Journey into the Fire – E10 – Game 3, Do-or-Die

In this pinnacle do-or-die game, the Burnaby Firefighters dig hard to try to pull the third hockey game out of...

Vega Energizing Smoothie

Vega Energizing Smoothie

Vega Energizing Smoothie – a Family Friendly Whole Food Snack Brendan Brazier speaks about the benefits of Vega Energizing Smoothie...

Vega One

Vega One Shake

Vega One for Health and Recovery Brendan Brazier, vegan triathlete and Vega formulator speaks about the formulation and benefits of...

Vega Maca

Vega Maca

The Benefits of Vega Maca with Peggy K. – Registered Holistic Nutritionist Registered Holistic Nutritionist Peggy Kotsopoulos teaches all about...

Vega SaviSeed

Vega SaviSeed

Sacha Inchi Seeds or Inca Peanuts have the highest source of Omega 3 fatty acids in the world Registered Holistic...

Vega Energy Bars

Vega Energy Bars

Vega Energy Bars – whole food ingredients for immediate and sustainable energy Brendan Brazier talks about the formulation of Vega...