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In my quest to improved health and fitness, I discovered Vega after previous failed attempts to find a “quick-fix.” As a university student, I didn’t think I could become unhealthy. I grew up eating a lot of fresh food and had an active lifestyle through running. As an avid athlete participating in cross country and track for six years, I was confident I would have no issues in maintaining a high level of health after high school, or I thought so.

In August 2009, I packed all the essentials of any university student, moved to a new city, and prepared for the next chapter of my life. Excited for new friends, classes, and being in a completely new environment, I slowly neglected my health in terms of nutrition and fitness....

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- Shihlin Lu

My name is Ryan Geni I am 33, a father, small business owner that works 12 hour days and a Vega fanatic! I could not do what I do without the help of these fantastic products. I love it. I…

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- Ryan Geni

WOW!! I continue to be amazed at how my body, mind and spirit have shifted since not only going hardcore vegan 2 years ago while training for 1/...

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- Marina James-Galvin

In 2009, I was sitting watching the television (which I hardly have time for now!), and saw a fitness competition. At this time I was 5'2, 125lb...

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- Brenda Vance

One of the most powerful transformations that has occurred to me since adopting a plant-based lifestyle has been the profound change in my attitude.
Prior to my bypass surgery I would not have considered myself a negative person. I am…

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- Ian Welch

I have traveled down many different roads, but have finally found the right one. I worked in the music industry for 3 years as an audio engineer...

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- Miles Dunning

For years I have had vivid dreams of running. I would literally dream about running (like an out of body experience) and watch myself enjoy it. Every time I have woken up from that same dream, I have gone out and ran ran ran until I felt like I was dying... and in doing that it made me never want to run again. On top of that, I have an old soccer injury that gives me severe calf cramping anytime I exercise.

Not long ago I had this running dream again and I asked a friend what I should take as a supplement to help reduce these cramps. She suggested electrolyte replenishment after exercise, such as Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator. I am now running 30 minutes a day with fewer cramps thanks to the Recovery Accelerator! What a hug...

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- Anonymous

I have been racing in endurance events for about 6 years. My goal each season is to get a little better, and I did, but not at the rate at which I expected. Prior to November of 2011, I had…

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- Jason Wright

I’m a Chiropractic Physician, certified in Nutritional Therapy. After watching the documentary Forks Over Knives, my husband and I made the decision to eliminate animal products from our diet. We were big meat eaters! (We’d buy 1/4 steer locally raised…

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- Dr. Inice Gough

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