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I turned vegan at the start of the year, after years of being vegetarian. I have to say, it has changed my life and body for the better.


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- Portia Phelps

One of the most powerful transformations that has occurred to me since adopting a plant-based lifestyle has been the profound change in my attitude.
Prior to my bypass surgery I would not have considered myself a negative person. I am…

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- Ian Welch

For years I have had vivid dreams of running. I would literally dream about running (like an out of body experience) and watch myself enjoy it. Every time I have woken up from that same dream, I have gone out and ran ran ran until I felt like I was dying... and in doing that it made me never want to run again. On top of that, I have an old soccer injury that gives me severe calf cramping anytime I exercise.

Not long ago I had this running dream again and I asked a friend what I should take as a supplement to help reduce these cramps. She suggested electrolyte replenishment after exercise, such as Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator. I am now running 30 minutes a day with fewer cramps thanks to the Recovery Accelerator! What a hug...

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- Anonymous

In 2009, I was sitting watching the television (which I hardly have time for now!), and saw a fitness competition. At this time I was 5'2, 125lb...

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- Brenda Vance

WOW!! I continue to be amazed at how my body, mind and spirit have shifted since not only going hardcore vegan 2 years ago while training for 1/...

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- Marina James-Galvin

My name is Ryan Geni I am 33, a father, small business owner that works 12 hour days and a Vega fanatic! I could not do what I do without the help of these fantastic products. I love it. I…

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- Ryan Geni

I never thought I could feel as amazing as I do thanks to Vega shakes, and Vega News educational pieces. My friends are always curious as to what I'm doing because they've noticed such an improvement. Not just on the outside either. I've definitely gained some inner peace, clarity, and focus thanks to individuals in the plant-based community.

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- Nikki DAlessandro

I have traveled down many different roads, but have finally found the right one. I worked in the music industry for 3 years as an audio engineer...

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- Miles Dunning

I have been racing in endurance events for about 6 years. My goal each season is to get a little better, and I did, but not at the rate at which I expected. Prior to November of 2011, I had…

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- Jason Wright

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