About Sadie Nardini


To be in Sadie’s presence is to ignite your inner fire. Sadie is a fierce Ultimate Wellness and Anatomy of Yoga expert who translates eastern concepts of transformation and fitness into today’s real life challenges.

She is the host of Rock Your Yoga, a daily yoga and lifestyle national television show on the Veria Living Network. She is the author of Core Strength (Random House, Fall 2013), as well as creator of the bestselling Total Transformation yoga DVDs.

Sadie, the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and a dynamic self-empowerment speaker, helps real people transform real-world challenges. She travels internationally, infusing her teachings with a real-world mix of eastern and western techniques that clients can immediately apply to gain empowerment and success on all levels.

Why I Choose Vega:

I have a super busy lifestyle. Not only do I teach wellness, yoga flow and yoga anatomy, I travel to do it. In fact, I’m writing this in a cafe in Indonesia, between stops in Australia, the Philippines, and Japan!

Vega takes the guesswork out of finding healthy options to power my body and mind as I do what I love. I call it “throw and go”, because I can toss it in my shaker or blender anywhere, and in a few minutes, I have a powerful energy drink of the best kind–one that fuels but doesn’t crash me, and supports my health and wellbeing instead of tearing it down. Plus, it’s the best-tasting and quality-ingredient-filled product out there. I’d recommend it to anyone—and I do!”

Career Highlights:

  • Founded Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga
  • Author of “21-Day Yoga Body” (Random House, September, 2013)
  • Host of Rock Your Yoga on Veria Living TV

Proudest Moments:

Whenever I present wellness, a healthy lifestyle and yoga sessions, I see the light go on for people, who later write me emails to let me know that they quit a job they hated, left a toxic relationship, gained control over their finances, lost that last 20, or got the guts to run a marathon….this is when I feel that I’ve done my best job ever.

Training Tip:

Most people know they should breathe while exercising, but many don’t know how crucial proper breathing is to their training success. They tend to breathe short, and high in the chest. Instead, try breathing longer, more regular breaths through your nose or mouth. Aim for a slow count of 3-4 seconds for each, even if you’re running or otherwise training. Inhale to your full lung capacity and exhale fully out. You may notice, this provides the oxygen you need to increase endurance, shorten recovery time, and keep fatigue and disease-causing stress hormones at bay.

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