About Miranda Malisani


Miranda is a nationally recognized Holistic Nutritionist residing in Toronto, ON. She offers realistic nutrition information on various lifestyle shows and editorials. Miranda contributes to The Marilyn Denis Show on a regular basis. She coaches individuals in Toronto, but also offers online consultations globally. She has partnered with Toronto’s top gourmet food retailer Pusateri’s Fine Foods. She is a proud wife and mom to two boys.  After many years of playing competitive sports, she now finds the perfect blend of activity and balance through yoga and has recently started working with a personal trainer. At the beginning of every year, Miranda writes down her goals and aspirations for the year ahead. She believes that creating change and succeeding in your goals begins with the visualizing it first.


“I love good food! And I especially love food that makes you feel good.

I am grateful to have turned my passion for healthy food into a career. I founded my company Live Light Nutrition to offer clients holistic guidance about quality foods, supplements and additional lifestyle tips to maximize their health potential.

Not only has VEGA products been on the top on my list of recommended quality products for my clients, but it’s been a staple in my home for years.  The best part about the VEGA line is there is something for everyone. From my clients who are training for a competition to my mom’s who are looking to supplement their picky kids’ diet, I am always confident that I will find the right VEGA product for them.

I couldn’t possibly get through my busy week without my Vega One smoothies.

It has also become a ritual to have a Vibrancy Bar before I am on The Marilyn Denis Show to chat about the latest nutrition information. It’s easy to digest and gives me just enough energy for live T.V.  You can’t help but love the taste too. Even my three-year old has been devouring them since he was a year old. It’s the only bar he will finish.”

Proudest Accomplishments:

  • Having my son (3 years old) and right up there I know will be the birth of his little brother (this July). I am so proud to be a mom and have learned so much about myself through the challenges and rewards of this role.
  • Being able to build a career out of my passion for helping others to live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Being able to reach such a large audience as the Resident Nutritionist on The Marilyn Denis Show.

Health Tip:

Simple healthy changes, every day, lead to major health improvements. With an excessive amount of information available these days it can be overwhelming for many to know how where to start or how to maximize health. My motto, learn about your own body; the foods that are good and bad for you specifically, be in touch with how you digest not only your food but also your own emotions, and practice gratitude every day.

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