About Jeremy Shore


Jeremy Shore is a Holistic Strength Coach and Fitness Media and Education Specialist with over 15 years experience in the industry. He’s the former Education Director for Dynamax Medicine Balls and Trigger Point Performance Therapy, and a Master Trainer and presenter for several other companies.

Jeremy has made appearances on the The Doctors, The Rachael Ray Show as her trainer, and on other morning shows coast to coast. Jeremy is an on-air contributor to Men’s Health Magazine and host of the new Men’s Health 15 Minute Workout: Arms, Abs, & Chest DVD. He is also an online fitness expert and host for Livestrong.com and co-host of the 3V YouTube show: 30-Second Fitness.

Jeremy is the Founder of Strength to Serve LLC, and the creator and host of the show REAL STRENGTH, featuring trainers, coaches, and athletes who use their strength to serve others.


“I have used Vega products for over five years now. I have without a doubt experienced a huge difference in my energy levels and overall well being, while decreasing my recovery time after workouts. As a fitness coach, model, and TV host, I must stay in peak physical health at all times and I always look and feel the best when Vega has been a part of my diet and supplementation. I count on Vega to give me the strength and focus needed to thrive in all areas of my career and life!”

Proudest Moments:

Becoming the father of two beautiful boys.

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